"I can see clearly now!" - eileen58 from New Jersey
"Great pair of sunglasses! Fit like a glove and give lots of clarity. Highly recommend! Great price!"

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Running Sunglasses - Performance Gear for Performance Runners

If your idea of a good time includes hitting the pavement with your favorite pair of running shoes then you're probably already familiar with the importance of having the right gear. In addition to the right shoes, shorts and shirts - the right pair of running sunglasses can make all the difference.

Protection & Clarity

Running in the sun can have incredible health and mental benefits. Don't let the harmful UV rays keep you inside! BTB Sunglasses are tested and proven to provide complete UVA and UVB protection. Allowing you to go for miles without having to worry about damaging your eyes. BTB running sunglasses also make enjoying your run easier by clarifying the world around you. Our de-centered lenses provide 100% optic clarity. This means you not only see the world around you more vividly, but also those pesky cracks and bumps in the pavement. Even on the brightest of days.

Why Runners Recommend BTB's

Feather Light - Many runners have commented that half way through their runs they forget they are even wearing them. That means no more lines left on the bridge of your nose or headaches from squeezing on your temples.
No Bouncing - The rubber nose pieces standard on the BTB running sunglasses keep your shades in place. Whether you're walking, running or sprinting; no adjusting needed.
Clarity - Some sunglasses darken or distort your vision to the point of risking injury. You won't need to worry about missing anything with your BTB's. Our HD quality lenses keep everything sharp.
Anti-Bacterial Coating - Our sports optics' temples and nosepieces are made from hypo-allergenic material and coated with an anti-bacterial agent for heavy perspiration running. 

What Runners Say About BTB Running Sunglasses

Kalina Zufelt BTB Running Sunglasses"I am in LOVE with my sunglasses. I can't even tell you enough great things about BTB. I received my glasses 2 days after I ordered them. They came packaged nicely in a micro-fiber glasses case. As soon as I put them on I knew I was going to be happy. They are extremely light and fit me perfectly! They do not squeeze my head at all. I have run and biked in them since and love them more every day. No sliding down my nose at all, even when I am dripping in sweat. They are extremely comfortable, I forget I'm even wearing them." - Kalina Zufelt, UVU Collegiate Runner

Girl In Motion BTB Run Sunglasses�Aside from the fact that I can�t change lenses (which I never did anyway) these are just as good as my $100 Smith Optics.� � Flo Karp, Girl In Motion

�They were snug on my face and didn�t bounce around while running. Furthermore, they were very lightweight and never once did they bother me! I can�t wait to take these out on the tennis court tonight! And they�re only $34.95? That�s like stealing!...� � Matt, The Athletes Plate

�I put on my fastest-looking running outfit and went out for a short, quick run. Let me say that I really, really like the neutral brown color. No neon or crazy 80s-esque reflection going on in the lens. And light! They are so dang light that you barely feel like you�re wearing any sunglasses at all. The view? Well, just splendid. Unlike some sunglasses that protect your eyeballs (these have complete UVA and UVB protection) while almost distorting reality with the color change of the lenses, these just seemed to brighten the world up and make everything really easy to focus on. Loved that. And not once during my three-mile run did they slide, fall off, fog up or do anything remotely annoying. They stayed up, and, to tell you the truth, I forgot I had them on. This is perhaps the first time something of this nature has happened with me, Ms. Small Head.� � Jenn, Fit Bottomed Girls

Run Eat Repeat BTB Running Sunglasses
�I always wear sunglasses to run (unless it�s dark hello) so I was super excited to test out a new pair. You know how sometimes sunglasses distort things? Well, these don�t � that�s especially helpful when you have to watch your step around curbs and puddles while running.� � Monica, Run Eat Repeat

�My impressions? A nice, lightweight pair of sunglasses. They did a good job of filtering out the rays that always bother my eyes. They didn�t jiggle around much, which is a pet peeve of mine with sunglasses. And I like the style.� � Amanda, Miss Zippy