"I can see clearly now!" - eileen58 from New Jersey
"Great pair of sunglasses! Fit like a glove and give lots of clarity. Highly recommend! Great price!"

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Golf Sunglasses - Performance Gear for Performance Players

Step up your game with golf sunglasses that make the course easier to see. Just like the perfect fitting gloves, putter or shoes - your sunglasses can make the difference in any round.

Below are the models BTB recommends for our golfers. We suggest getting the amber or brown tinted lenses for better fairway clarity.

Protection & Clarity

Don't let the sun's harmful UV rays keep you off the course. BTB Sunglasses are tested and proven to provide complete UVA and UVB protection. Allowing you to go an entire 18 holes without having to worry about damaging your eyes. BTB golf sunglasses also make enjoying your game easier by clarifying the world around you. Our de-centered lenses provide 100% optic clarity. This means you not only see the world around you more vividly, but all the in's and out's that make a good golf course worth venturing.

Why Golfers Recommend BTB's

Feather Light - Many golfers have commented that half way through the course they forget they are even wearing them. That means no more lines left on the bridge of your nose or headaches from squeezing on your temples.
No Bouncing - The rubber nose pieces standard on the BTB golf sunglasses keep your shades in place. No matter how powerful the swing, they'll stay in place - no adjusting needed.
Clarity - Some sunglasses darken or distort your vision to the point of detriment. You won't need to worry about missing anything with your BTB's. Our HD quality lenses keep everything sharp.
Anti-Bacterial Coating - Our sports optics' temples and nosepieces are made from hypo-allergenic material and coated with an anti-bacterial agent for heavy perspiration golfing.