"I can see clearly now!" - eileen58 from New Jersey
"Great pair of sunglasses! Fit like a glove and give lots of clarity. Highly recommend! Great price!"

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What Cyclists Say About BTB

"What I Liked [...] It could just be coincidence, but I have been on 6 rides since getting my pair of 910's in the mail and each and every one of these rides have been fantastic.  I’m a bit of a superstitious freak so I can’t help but think that the glasses had something to do with it.

With such an incredible impact resistance on the lenses, it makes me feel good knowing that if a rock came flying off a car tire and hit me, my eyes would be very well protected.

When I’m out on the bike, it’s not about fashion…but these glasses look really good and the vain side of me thinks that’s very important.

I like how they categorize each of their glasses to what size of face they are best suited for.  That’s a big plus when ordering sunglasses online." - Darryl,

“I really appreciated the overall fit of the 900's as they really stay put on your face — no matter the activity. Oftentimes, trail riding can cause some glasses to bounce around on my face and some temple designs can interfere with helmets. The 900's traditional temple pieces and rubbery nose and ear pads keep these glasses in place under use. I couldn’t get them to budge, no matter how hard I tried, so kudos to the frame design.” – Jason Mitchell,

"They are incredibly lightweight, which is perfect for cycling. Plus they make me look like a badass." - Elise, Health Enthusiast,

What Golfers Say About BTB

"Hey Steve,


Just thought I'd drop you a line and give you a bit of feedback on the new glasses.  I played golf today, and had the "opportunity" to experience a variety of conditions to challenge my vision.  It was a bit cloudy at first, but the sun was trying to escape from the clouds, so although overcast, there was still quite a glare.  I was pleased to find that I could track the ball as it cleared the horizon, and it actually stood out against the background.  I slid the glasses down my nose, and all I could see was the bright glare of the sun off the clouds; when I put them back, I could actually distinguish each cloud, and the glare was all but gone.  Later, when the sun disappeared and it became much cloudier, I was still able to see the ball against the now darker sky. This was such a huge improvement, as I had been having difficulty following my ball in flight under those conditions before, once it cleared the horizon.  I have to thank you for a great pair of sunglasses at a very affordable price.  For golf, these are much better than my much more expensive Maui Jims. Thanks!" - Wally

What Hunters and Fishermen Say About BTB

"While driving back from hunting, my dad noticed some salmon swimming upstream. He stopped the truck and I jumped out to take a better look. Because the lenses are polarized I was able to see down into the water and watch the salmon. Without the sunglasses on I would have only seen the glare off the top of the water, which affirmed that I would be wearing them during my fishing excursions next summer." - Britney Starr,

"I kept the sunglasses on all day while hunting. They were very lightweight and the nosepieces were made of soft material which did not dig in or leave marks on my nose. The temples of the glasses did not pinch into my head even under my hat but still felt secure enough that I did not worry they would fall off. Eventually, the sun did peek through the clouds and at that point I was impressed with how well the BTBs reduced the glare." - Britney Starr,

"I’ve recently had the chance to to try out some polarized sunglasses from BTB Sport Optics. I’ve tested them for about a month in some of the most rugged conditions, interior Alaska in the beginning of “winter”. This is what I think about them.

At first glance, the sunglasses I got from BTB seemed very average. I would know, since I’ve owned about 10-15 pairs of sunglasses in the last few years. But after a few fishing and hunting trips, I really started to like them.

Tint: The lenses that I got had the perfect amount of tint. They were dark enough to shade your eyes from the bright sun but yet didn’t compromise your vision. It’s very important, in my opinion, if you’re upland game bird hunting or sight fishing.

Polarization: I found the the polarization filter applied to these glasses did a great job of reducing the blinding glare when I was salmon fishing (pic above). It helped me clearly see the fish so I could place the lure right in its face, therefor increasing strikes.

Quality: After using these glasses for about a month, I realized that they are well built. I dropped them a few times and even stepped on them once. All that caused only minor scuffs on the frame with no damage to the lenses. The lenses are actually ballistic grade polycarbonate, and can handle a direct hit from a 12 gauge shotgun a 50 feet. Tough Lenses!

I would definitely recommend these glasses to a friend. At under $50, you can’t beat them. To get glasses this nice you would have to pay more than $100." - William K,

“These glasses are great for someone who plays hard outside and wants some tough sunglasses that withstand the elements. B2B is priced reasonably as I think glasses should be. Everyone has lost a pair of glasses and these are priced so that it’s not the end of the world if you need to purchase another pair.” –

What Runners Say About BTB

"I am in LOVE with my sunglasses. I can't even tell you enough great things about BTB. I received my glasses 2 days after I ordered them. They came packaged nicely in a micro-fiber glasses case. As soon as I put them on I knew I was going to be happy. They are extremely light and fit me perfectly! They do not squeeze my head at all. I have run and biked in them since and love them more every day. No sliding down my nose at all, even when I am dripping in sweat. They are extremely comfortable, I forget I'm even wearing them." - Kalina Zufelt, UVU Collegiate Runner

“Aside from the fact that I can’t change lenses (which I never did anyway) these are just as good as my $100 Smith Optics.” – Flo Karp,

“My impressions? A nice, lightweight pair of sunglasses. They did a good job of filtering out the rays that always bother my eyes. They didn’t jiggle around much, which is a pet peeve of mine with sunglasses. And I like the style.” – Amanda,, Mom. Runner. Coach. Writer.

“I always were sunglasses to run (unless it’s dark hello) so I was super excited to test out a new pair. You know how sometimes sunglasses distort things? Well, these don’t – that’s especially helpful when you have to watch your step around curbs and puddles while running.” – Monica, Run Eat Repeat

“They were snug on my face and didn’t bounce around while running. Furthermore, they were very lightweight and never once did they bother me!

I can’t wait to take these out on the tennis court tonight! And they’re only $34.95? That’s like stealing!...” – Matt,

“I put on my fastest-looking running outfit and went out for a short, quick run. Let me say that I really, really like the neutral brown color. No neon or crazy 80s-esque reflection going on in the lens. And light! They are so dang light that you barely feel like you’re wearing any sunglasses at all. The view? Well, just splendid. Unlike some sunglasses that protect your eyeballs (these have complete UVA and UVB protection) while almost distorting reality with the color change of the lenses, these just seemed to brighten the world up and make everything really easy to focus on. Loved that. And not once during my three-mile run did they slide, fall off, fog up or do anything remotely annoying. They stayed up, and, to tell you the truth, I forgot I had them on. This is perhaps the first time something of this nature has happened with me, Ms. Small Head.” – Jenn,

What Fitness Pros Say About BTB

“I really appreciated that all of their sunglasses have recommended face size. One of my biggest issues with sunglasses is finding a pair that can accommodate my HUGE NOGGIN rather large brain. The pair that I chose were one of their biggest pair, and they fit my face quite nicely. They didn’t pinch my nose at all. They had nice pads so I didn’t mind wearing them all day long. They were lightweight. With other glasses I’ve worn in the past I’ve really noticed that after an hour or two I had a hard time keeping them on. I wore the BTB 810's for almost  an entire day with no discomfort at all.” –

“The fit was absolutely perfect. Other sunglasses I have purchased over the years are invariably too small for my fat head. Not this – frame didn't have to stretch at all, very comfortable fit.” – John,

“Her thoughts?

Many cool designs

Love the hypoallergenic temple and nose piece areas that are also coated with an anti-bacterial finish

Super light weight

The price point (L here: I have never, and probably will never buy $100 sunglasses! With great prices like these at BTB, I can even afford to get my husband a pair so he’ll stop stealing mine!)

Fit nicely around the head and don’t move/ slide around

Complete UVA & UVB protection (no joke, especially in Florida – this is why Lindsey even wears sunglasses when it’s cloudy outside!)

Lindsey’s used them while running, walking, biking, hiking, driving around, and even just out and about running errands, outside at the farmer’s market, etc. Basically - if there’s daylight and she’s leaving her house, the sunglasses are with her.” –

“Since I am not one to ware glasses while I run, I opted to let Toly pick out a pair and asked him to give me his opinion.

His first reaction was that the look and the quality was definitely top notch.  They were lightweight for a comfortable fit but also quite durable that formed nicely on his face.  As far as the clarity, there wasn’t a significant difference in the ones that he is used to wearing but they were just as clear, if not more.” – Lauren,

“The rubber is in key pressure points: the two sections that bridge your nose and the two points that hold the glasses on your head. Both sections felt great the entire game and barely left a mark after wearing them for closer to 2.5 hours. Final comment I'd make is that they stayed in place all game. No issues with having to readjust at all during active gameplay.” – Carly,

BTB - Sunglasses

"Must-Haves" - | March 15, 2012 
BTB Sports Optics offers a great selection of shades that are comfortable and keep even your peripheral vision unhindered. Rubberized templates help the glasses stay in place and provide extra comfort. All models exceed ANSI, OSHA, and Military Impact Specifications, which means they can be worn as safety glasses for excavating, manual labor, and general maintenance. Whatever the trail has to throw at you, these glasses can take it. See the review at

BTB-140 Sunglasses

"Amazing Service" - Ramon | March 10, 2012 
Thank you Mr. Brown for calling back after I left a message. I was really surprise and shocked when I received your call. I've enjoyed wearing your glasses unlike other designer sport glasses such as Oakley's; that's to the test of my toddler Kullen and Ian who has shown the flexibility of your product to people by grabbing them off my face in restaurants, Doctors offices, stores. Its an instant converstation piece and I tell people where to find your Glasses. 

BTB-110 Sunglasses

"Excellent" - bubbabob566 from Tullahoma, Tn | November 12, 2010
The polycarbonate lenses are distortion free and give the wearer a clear, bright image when used in cloudy or darkened conditions. They are excellent night driving glasses and are highly recommended for that purpose. They are a good dollar value. They would also make excellent shooting glasses for diminished light conditions and being wraparound; afford maximum protection against stray shot when used on the skeet or trap field. I highly recommend these glasses to anyone who wants high quality at an affordable price.


"Pretty Nice" - shortie21 from Central Coast, CA | January 6, 2011
I am a petite gal and these were a little snug when I first put them on. I put the arms in some warm water and gently stretched them out a bit and they now fit fine. I use them for tennis and they stay put and really help with the glare. I bought them to replace a well-loved Bolle pair. These aren't as nice, but do the job.

BTB-100 Polarized

"Great Value" - dietz49 from Chicago | February 15, 2011

The Be the Ball Sport Optics are lightweight and comfortable. The style is very similar and the eye protection very comparable to other more expensive glasses I have had in the past. The difference in weight is significant. At first, I was concerned that the light weight would equate to less durability but this has turned out to be untrue. I have (accidentally) dropped and even kicked the glasses and there has been no sign of wear. Can't say that about other brands I have owned. I not only recommend these glasses but suggest you will want to tell your friends about them - my wife now owns a pair of Be the Ball.

BTB-200 Sunglasses

"I can see Clearly Now!" - eileen58 from New Jersey | February 16, 2011
Great pair of sunglasses! Fit like a glove and give lots of clarity. Highly recommend! Great price!

"great sunglasses..." - ontargetinc from South Carolina | October 22, 2010
... and not just for the money. quality is equal to Rayban and others costing 3 times as much. I have a small face and they fit perfectly. Very similar to Rayban Predators but the amber lenses not only provide UV protection but add a significant amount of clarity.

BTB-230 Sunglasses

"Very Satisfied" - Avid Runner from Chester, PA | August 9, 2010
A buddy of mine bought a pair of these glasses at an LPGA tour event and raved about the quality and price. When I found them online I put my order in. They arrived a week ago and I am very satisfied. I am a runner and am always looking for glasses that won't fog up when I sweat, and will not bounce around as I am running. I have taken these on three long runs so far and have not had any of the issues I have experienced with expensive name brand sunglasses. Would definitely recommend these.

BTB-430 Sunglasses

"Stylish and Comfortable" - susansuzk from Palo Alto, CA | August 17, 2010
These are very stylish and fit great. My girlfriends have commented on how great they look. Very happy with these.

BTB-500 Sunglasses

"Very good so far" - dougzor from Oklahoma | December 9, 2010
First let me say I can't attest to the durability of these sunglasses. The frame has me wondering just how long it will last. I've only owned these for about a week now. Doubts aside these are great. They feel great, they look great, and the coverage they give means they do a good job of keeping the wind out too. I'm not one to spend very much on sunglasses (some of the best pairs I've owned cost less than ten dollars) but these are pretty super.

"Excellent fit"- fingerssfv from Los Angeles | December 3, 2010
These shades are great! Although they are lightweight, they are a great fit, the shading is great for sunlight, but not when it starts getting dark. Then it's too dark, when the sun is still out, but going down. Overall, these are light and will not slip from the nose, they stay firmly against the face, block out the sun nicely and the cost is very reasonable. They come in a cloth bag which is protection enough for adults who care for their personal property.

"They were great"- Shaun | May 2011
Hey Steve: I received my glasses on Saturday as I was on my way to umpire a baseball game, they were great!  I’ve never worn sunglasses behind the plate before.  Even with sweat dripping down, I was able to have clear vision. Then Sunday, I wore them at my game (playing of course). Once again, I had clear visibility during the entire game, even forgot I had them on.  At one point, I looked directly into the sun tracking a fly ball and didn’t even flinch due to glare. These have been awesome!
You have created a pair of ballplayer’s specs!   I’m gonna beat the hell out of these sunglasses I’ll keep you updated as I put them through the paces.

"Love these glasses, they fit great. Best pair of glasses I have owned."- michaels10 from Springfield, IL | August 12, 2010

BTB-520 Sunglasses

"Best Sunglasses I have ever bought" - kevin237 from SLC, UT | August 8, 2010
I ordered a pair of the BTB 520 sunglasses. These are by far my favorite pair of sunglasses I have ever bought. They fit great, the style is awesome, and they are very durable. I am rough on glasses, these feel solid and I can tell they will last a long time. I have had these for over a month and they still look brand new. I had such luck with the 520 style so I ordered the 210 style. Same results, they are great and I have no complaints. I will never buy Oakley's again, which are the glasses I have always bought in the past. I would recommend these glasses to anyone looking for great quality for an exceptional price.

"Good" - teri111 from Florida | September 27, 2010
I bought these for using while bicycling. They are pretty good. You can see great out of them and they stay on. My only complaint is when you stop riding they immediately fog up. Do understand I am riding in hot, humid, Florida so that may have something to do with it. I have driven my car with them on and they are great for that.

BTB-530 Sunglasses

"excellent" - fitmrsclaire55 from Quincy | April 20, 2011
I love these sunglasses. They fit perfectly around my face. Snug. They don't slip off. I didn't realize how to measure your face for sizing sunglasses.

BTB-800 Sunglasses

"Great, especially for the price!!" - cargirl1 from Hayden, ID | January 14, 2011
If you are looking for nice sunglasses, that look like the more expensive brands. These are for you. My husband had a pair of RB's that looked very similar to these, but were much more expensive. The lenses got scratched and we can't find another pair unless we are willing to pay $80+ and send our money to Europe. I found these and he loves them. He said they are just as good as the RB's. I'm happy because if they get scratched, we're only out about 1/3 of the price of the others. Great fit, nice to look through and great looking too!

"Nice shades" - k77ste from Orlando, FL | September 3, 2010
As someone who wears Ray Bans, Gucci and Versace sunglasses; I wanted to pick up a pair of recycled glasses to give as gifts. This particular gift is for a 30 year old male that rides bicycles to work and skis on vacation. It was the bicycle riding I was supporting. I just received these. They are quite comfortable on a female face or male. Look great on. Would never know they are at a bargain price. The lenses do have a slight mirror sheen but that is what sport glasses are all about.

"Best Value Out There!" - braddon from Sarasota, FL | August 14, 2010
I love the durability of these frames and lenses. I'm tough on sunglasses and these have taken my worst abuse. They're light weight and comfortable for long periods. I'm always amazed at the stunningly crisp view I get when I first put them on. My wife tells me they look great on me and, for the record, she is never wrong.


"Like the Product. Fits Well, Lightweight, Decent Optics, Good Price. Delivery Prompt."- glennrj | November 11, 2010

BTB-800 Readers

"These BTB Readers are FANTASTIC! " - JW from Salt Lake City, Utah
While riding in the car I can read, check my GPS, and numerous other things without having to change glasses! The HD Lens makes things so much clearer than my polarized glasses. When I have my polarized glasses on, I have such a hard time reading any digital readout. I used them on my boat fishing and they were incredible…I could tie my lures without having to constantly change glasses.

"Excellent Sunglasses " - Tim from Park City, Utah
I had the opportunity to try my pair of BTB Model 800R 2.0 diopter sunglasses in the Vegas Pumkinman Triathlon this Saturday and they exceeded all expectations and helped me take the #2 spot on the podium. The triathlon requires of its athletes sacrifice and dedication, versatility, durability and great athletic ability but it also requires great equipment. I normally would wear my Oakley prescription glasses so I can read my bike computer and my running watch, though with the constant concern of my Oakley's falling off or losing them and at the price I pay for them they are way too expensive. The 800R's were perfect! Affordably priced, stay in place and best off all I can buy two or three pair for the same price I would pay for Oakley's. Perfect fit, optimal ventilation, strong & lightweight, and protection from wind and dust. Thanks BTB!

BTB-800 Polarized

"Great glasses"- rkjackson from SLC, Utah | Dec 10, 2010
These are the best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. Very light weight, stylish and a great fit. I really love my BTB sport glasses.


"Thanks BTB for a great pair of sunglasses"- jdnavy from Park City, UT | May 16, 2011
While I was a little unsure of ordering online without trying them on first, I was very happy with these glasses – clear and lightweight and fit my face perfectly after adjusting the nose pieces to my comfort level (cool feature by the way).  I compared these lenses with a much more expensive hi-end pair and was amazed to find the clarity of these glasses were much better.  I played golf last weekend and this was the first time in my life I’ve kept my sunglasses on the entire 18 holes – for every shot and putt – never before have I done that with a pair of sunglasses – they hugged my face and never moved.  Thanks again for a quality pair of glasses at an excellent price!

BTB-900 Sunglasses

"Impressed" - Mark C. from MHC Sign & Design | September 2011
My cousin introduced me to these sunglasses, Right off I was very impressed with the comfort, so comfortable I can't hardly tell I'm wearing them. They are so lightweight! Love it! The style and look is second to none! On the 900 series that I wear the vents out the side are great, no more fogged up lenses, no matter if I'm out for a jog or wrapping a vehicle, they are amazing! Thank Be the Ball Sport Optics!

Sandstorm Series

BTB-730 Sunglasses

"BTB Sunglasses are the Only Pair I will Ever Buy!" - tjtengu from St. Louis, MO | April 3, 2011
A fantastic and comfortable pair of shades. The lenses detract just enough sunlight and the frame is perfect. If you want a durable and great pair of sunglasses this is the one to buy!

BTB-2010 Sunglasses

"Solid Wind Protection, Sleek Looks" - 5blueberrylover from PA | February 27, 2011
As far as looks go, I always hated how bulky ski goggles felt on my face. It was a pleasant surprise to see how sleek these Be The Ball glasses were. I had never heard of the brand before, but this pair really called my name. They appear very similar to a normal pair of sunglasses; I could see myself wearing them around in the summer time too. Now getting down to performance...These glasses really hug your face...excellent for sports and high-level activities. The foam layer around each lens forms a protective barrier around each eye socket- effectively blocking wind and precipitation. So far used these glasses for skiing and snowboarding and they do exactly what they're supposed to. Haven't fallen off and they're comfy. Also the arms are adjustable which definitely helps with the fit. I go high-speed boating in summertime and I could definitely see these coming in handy. The only negative I have to say about these is that when I'm wearing a neck gaiter or face warmer, my breath gets dispersed up around the glasses and they begin to fog rather quickly. They have no anti-fog treatment. I just bought some for a few bucks so it’s an easy fix. Other than that, I highly recommend these glasses

BTB-2100 Sunglasses

"Very nice!!" - namnibor from Columbus, OH | February 10, 2011
I was a bit skittish about buying riding glasses online because I feel I look well in ANY glasses but wanted to get ready for Spring when I will not drive my car so much around town, pulling my Tomos Moped out of basement storage when Spring arrives and the high dollar riding glasses that I bought three years ago just did not hold-up with plastic snapping very easily. They are made very-well and fit perfectly as well. The soft foam inside perimeter to keep wind out and lens’s protection made me very happy! Very comfy and they look great! The red in the frame matches my bike perfectly as well. Great price and they shipped in just two days.

BTB-2110 Sunglasses

"Great" - shanebird27 from Tuscaloosa, AL | April 2, 2011
Only worn these glasses a few times and these are good motorcycle riding glasses. These are somewhat stylish and inexpensive.

BTB 2200 Sport Sunglasses

"Pleased" - gsomms from North Idaho | March 16, 2011
I'm pleased with the Be the Ball Sandstorm Series BTB 2200 Sport Sunglasses. They are comfortable to wear and the vision is clear. I removed the padding on the inside of the lenses because it restricted my full vision during sports and had a claustrophobic feel. They fit well around my helmet straps when cycling and give wind protection too.

BTB-2500 Sunglasses

"Recommended" - mbo72 from New Jersey | December 29, 2010
I live in new jersey which is really cool up hear and I am outside in the cold all the time. These goggles help me with the conditions in the winter. I highly recommended.